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Est. 1979

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Coronavirus Update

With national lockdown measures beginning to ease, I am delighted to announce that I am able to resume piano tunings for private customers. Naturally, I will be following safety guidelines and will be thoroughly sanitising my hands before I start, in addition to wearing a mask and maintaining a 2-metre distance between myself and all members of your household.

I am grateful to be able to work with some of the world's most talented stars & musicians.


Proudly trusted to tune the pianos at many of the region's most prestigious music venues & schools.

Piano Tuning Services

From the biggest stages to your front lounge; I have the experience to tune your piano. Take a look at my services or contact me for more info.


Hi, I'm John, an experienced Piano Technician based in Staffordshire.

GEV Chapman & Son was established in 1979 by George Chapman on the back of his extensive experience in the pipe-organ building and renovating sector...

People often ask me why pianos need tuning regularly...

When a piano is tuned, the strings are adjusted until they are vibrating at the correct pitch. Because pianos are made out of wood, even slight changes in temperature and humidity can affect a piano's performance considerably as the wood absorbs or loses moisture and swells or shrinks. With this swelling and shrinkage, there is inevitably very slight movement in the placement of the strings with the bridges and sounding board of the piano. Even slight movements cause the strings' vibrations to change, which in turn makes the piano go out of tune.

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